Bougainville Island

Bougainville island is the larger of our two main islands. Bougainville island lies just south of Buka island and has an area of around 9,300 km squared.  Bougainville Island is dominated by mountain ranges that run almost the complete length of the island. Like Buka, Bougainville island has a number of attractions and places that shouldn't be missed. 



The former administrative capital of Bougainville, Arawa is nestled at the foot of mountains looking east over the South Pacific Ocean. With Aropa Airport located nearby, Arawa can be your alternative gateway to discovering Bougainville.


Wakunai is the starting place for few of Bougainville’s overland treks. The Numanuma trail is a 60-kilometre trek, with the highest point of 980 metres above sea level. The Numanuma trail covers Bougainville island east to west. The trail derives its name from the Numanuma coconut plantation, which was said to have been the largest coconut plantation in the southern hemisphere.

WWII Relics

As Bougainville played a significant part in WWII, relics are scattered all over Bougainville Island. Many relics have been swallowed up by the jungle and are just waiting to be discovered by the adventurous traveller. Yamamoto’s plane crash site is also located near Buin on Bougainville island.