Buka island

Buka island is the smaller of our two main islands and is located just north of Bougainville island. Buka and Bougainville islands are separated by a small passage 200m wide with extremely fast-flowing waters.

Buka is a relatively flat island, only 52 kilometres long and 18 kilometers at its widest point. While small, Buka island has a numerous must-visit places. 


Buka Town

Buka Town is the hub of the island and the interim capital of Bougainville. Buka town has lots to offer, including restaurants, bars and a trip to Sohano island are all on the must-do list.


Kessa beach

Located on the north-west tip of Buka island, Kessa beach is a great place to get away from it all. Relaxing on the beach under the shade of a coconut tree, is the perfect way to spend an afternoon…island style.


Pororan island

Just a short boat trip from Kessa Beach, Pororan island provides a slice of quiet heaven, well away from it all, perfect for a weekend excursion.