Buka island

Buka island is the smaller of our two main islands and is located just north of Bougainville island. Buka and Bougainville islands are separated by a small passage 200m wide with extremely fast-flowing waters.

Buka is a relatively flat island, only 52 kilometres long and 18 kilometers at its widest point. While small, Buka island has a numerous must-visit places. 

Buka Town

Buka Town is the hub of the island and the interim capital of Bougainville. Buka town has lots to offer, including restaurants, bars and a trip to Sohano island are all on the must-do list.

Buka Market is stocked daily with fresh fruit and vegetables, locally made arts and crafts and traditional cuisine.

Francisca Semoso Botanical Garden

Hon. Francisca Semoso’s Botanical Garden at Malasang village, is a notable site currently frequented by locals and other visitors on the island . The botanical garden is situated on the cliff edge in a village style setting with stunning views over the Solomon Sea and is ideal for meetings or corporate and business functions. The place supports local horticulture for local women’s groups and promotes arts and crafts with weekly market stalls in Buka town.

Tiama Cave

Tiama Cave is located only 10km from Buka town, down the cliff side of Lonahan Village, near the serene seaside hamlet of Tiama . Naturally hollowed out of the limestone cliff by eons of erosion, the cave is one of the remarkable sites on the island. The cave’s interior extends further inland, from which a crystal clear underground river flows reaching the sea.

Kessa Beach

Located on the north-west tip of Buka island, Kessa beach is a great place to get away from it all. Relaxing on the beach under the shade of a coconut tree, is the perfect way to spend an afternoon…island style.

 Pororan island

Just a short boat trip from Kessa Beach, Pororan island provides a slice of quiet heaven, well away from it all, perfect for a weekend excursion.