Dining experiences are not limited in Bougainville. From the more contemporary guesthouse restaurants to traditional feasts such as mumu (hot-stone) or mambu (bamboo) cooking, Bougainville can satisfy anyone’s appetite. 


Reasons Bar & Grill

Buka Town, Buka Island

Reasons offer a selection of food with a large bar available.

Contact Reasons on +675 72259041

Lynchar Hotel

Buka Town, Buka Island

Lynchar Hotel offers a variety of food and good selection of beverages.  

Contact Lynchar Hotel on + 675 72376571

Toyena Lodge

Buka Town, Buka

Toyena Lodge offers a good selection of food and beverages.

Contact Toyena Lodge on + 675 71758826

Hannis Inn Guesthouse

Buka Town, Buka Island

Hannis Inn offers a selection of food and a bar is available

Contact Hanis Inn Guest house on + 675 70444577 or + 675 73428998